Waste Management

Handling of packaging waste is a recurring activity in factories and warehouses.
The reality is that waste is generated anywhere in a large site, creating
unaccounted costs by people manually transporting waste bins everyday.

The Recurring Cost of Packaging Waste


Modern factories and warehouses are huge. With hundreds of tons of goods packaged in cardboard and plastic entering these facilities, there’s just as much waste handling going out. On a daily basis!

The reality is handling waste bins or bales with people walking or pallet trucks is a wasted use of valuable resources. ATRs can handle waste bins as a standalone solution or programmed to handle waste bins while handling other materials as their main task.

Person walking a waste container in a building

How it works

We adapt your waste bins to be moved automatically by our towing robot solutions. Using intelligent algorithms to handle bins irrespective of their dimensions and weight, our robots can move existing waste bins or even palletized bales of cardboard on our purpose built pallet carts. Multi-floor applications through doors or elevators is easily achievable.

Bales of cardboard packaging ready for recycling can be transported by Tractonomy's autonomous towing robots
Empty packaging material thrown into a waste bin

See how much productivity and savings you gain with Autonomous Towing Robots

We have demonstrated how easy it is for companies, big and small, to benefit from autonomous towing robot solutions. Using simple approaches for maximum success coupled with quick payback periods as low as 1 to 1.5 years - we help you maximize productivity and profit. 


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