Simple Pallet or Cart Transfers

The cost of moving pallets or carts between the same two locations every day is surprisingly shocking when seen after several years of 2 shift operations. Fortunately there is a better way.

Walking or Driving Pallets and Carts

Warehouse managers like to aim high by automating their entire operations but they overlook tasks as simple as manually walking a heavy pallet jack for 150 meters between the same two points.  Our ATRs offer a surprising fast payback for these simple cases.

Transporting Kit Carts to Production Lines

How it works

For pallets, simply place our pallet cart in a designated area. Load a pallet on it using a pallet jack or forklift. Our robot will pick it up and place it where it needs to be. Do the same for a trolleys, carts or even cages. 

Cart pickup

Cart Pickup

ATRs can be commanded to pick up any cart and transport them to any location. In this example, a staff loads a pallet on our pallet carts using a simple manual pallet jack. It takes 10 seconds to load using a pallet jack you already have in your warehouse.

Cart Dropoff

Cart Dropoff

The advantage of our ATRs is the robot does not need to wait until the material is unloaded. ATRs position carts allowing work to continue while the ATR is executing another task. In this example, a forklift unloads the pallet off the cart.

See how much productivity and savings you gain with Autonomous Towing Robots

We have demonstrated how easy it is for companies, big and small, to benefit from autonomous towing robot solutions. Using simple approaches for maximum success coupled with quick payback periods as low as 1 to 1.5 years - we help you maximize productivity and profit. 


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