Picking and Putaway Solutions

Traditional cart or pallet picking by foot is time consuming and error prone and not an enjoyable. Pickers can spend a lot of time walking and lose interest in their jobs, while making errors for no fault of their own.

Productivity in picking and putaway

Manual cart or pallet picking is time consuming. Pickers can spend lots of time walking and lose interest in their jobs, while making errors for no fault of their own. Electric lift trucks reduce time but never decrease the numbers for staffing.

Tractonomy is developing picking and putaway solutions that work with both trolleys/carts or pallets. Expect dramatic improvements in productivity and reductions in error rates.

Productivity in picking and putaway

How it works

Tractonomy’s ATRs can be deployed alongside zoned pickers to bring carts from staging areas to pick points. Once a pick is confirmed, the robot brings the cart to the next pick point and returns the cart to the staging area. All operations are optimized by interfacing our Multi-robot management solution to your WMS.

Pickup empty carts at Staging area

Pickup empty carts at Staging area

In preparation for a pick run, ATRs can pick up carts including specificially designed carts for pallet case picking. 

Positioning at Pick Points

Positioning at Pick Points

ATRs can be optimized for a variety of picking strategies and SKUs. A variety of pick confirmation solutions can be implemented based on your existing technology or new innovative alternatives.

Return to staging

Return to staging

Picked goods are returned to one or more staging areas where they can labelled, packaged and shipped out.

Cart Staging

Opportunistic charging

Tractonomy’s ATRs charge opportunistically using our extremely fast wireless chargers. Using non-contact charging speeds up cycle time and reduces cost. We use certified Lithium battery technology forlong lifespans.

See how much productivity and savings you gain with Autonomous Towing Robots

We have demonstrated how easy it is for companies, big and small, to benefit from autonomous towing robot solutions. Using simple approaches for maximum success coupled with quick payback periods as low as 1 to 1.5 years - we help you maximize productivity and profit. 


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