Towing Solutions for Pallets or Cages

Tractonomy offers the easiest floor-level solutions to move pallets inside a facility.  Our robots transfer pallets or heavy cages between locations on purpose-built pallet carts. 

Gain significant savings by using our pallet towing robots in combination with lift-trucks and other pallet handling equipment.

Move pallets without breaking your people or your wallet

Warehouses everywhere are tugging pallets manually or handling them with forklifts. In a world where labor is hard to source, do you want to do things the old way?

We solve pallet handling with robotic solutions that interact with everyday pallet equipment – the transpallet and forklift. Combining our robots with existing equipment can lead to substantial gains in productivity, ergonomics and safety for your facility.

Towing Solutions for Pallets or Cages
How It Works

How it works

Start moving pallets using our bespoke pallet carts. Our ATR2 robots can tow pallet carts upto 1000kg with high levels of safety. Just load and unload pallets or cages on the cart using a forklift (even automated) or a pallet jack.

Our approach can dramatically reduce driving and walking time leading to major savings in short periods.

Autonomous Towing Solutions for Pallets

Our solutions offer the fastest ROI for pallet moving in the robotics business. With towing capacities of 1000kg and extremely safe technology, autonomous pallet towing can boost productivity.

As a full-stack solution provider, we offer complete turnkey solutions to transport pallets on carts.

Autonomous Towing Robot 2 - ATR2

The ATR2 is a class-leading autonomous tugger robot. With industry-first adaptive docking arms, safety navigation and the highest towing capacities in its class, fleets of ATR2 robots can scale across your material handling operations.

  • Adaptive docking of a wide range of carts carts
  • Standard gross towing starting at 600kg
  • Higher towing capacities possible
  • Can handle carts with both caster-fixed and all-caster wheels
  • Speeds upto 2.0 m/s
  • Safety with 360° area monitoring and brakes


Autonomous Towing Robot 2 - ATR2

Pallet Carts

We sell carts designed for Euro pallets. Simply load pallets using a pallet jack or forklift and the pallet cart is ready for towing by our robots.

Contact us if you use a different pallet. We have a solution for you.

Safe and Fast Inductive Charging

Rapid inductive charging (85% charge in 30 minutes) is built into ATRs. Pair it with the safest inductive chargers on the planet and our opportunistic charging software to get the longest life from ATR batteries. 

We offer some of the highest energy density batteries available, with CE and UL ratings for the EU and US markets.

How It Works

Facility-wide applications with fast payback

Our advanced Multi-robot management (MRM) gateway manage fleets of ATRs for 24/7 operations in busy warehouse floors.

Integrate MRM with a simple table on the shopfloor for your associates to call a robot, or make it facility wide by interfacing your WMS or MES. 

Looking for a simple and cost effective solution to handle pallets?

We can help you estimate an optimal solution that provide returns on investment in short periods

pallet automation solutions

Learn how our Pallet Towing Solutions can work for you

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Simple Pallet Transfers

Our easy-to-use pallet transfer solutions offer a cost effective way to transfer pallets over short distances or to points-of-use.

Learn more about our Pallet Picking Solutions

Pallet Picking

Improve productivity, safety and ROI by combining manual or automated forklifts with ATRs to transport pallets to and from picking warehouses.

See how much productivity and savings you gain with Autonomous Towing Robots

We have demonstrated how easy it is for companies, big and small, to benefit from autonomous towing robot solutions. Using simple approaches for maximum success coupled with quick payback periods as low as 1 to 1.5 years - we help you maximize productivity and profit. 


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