Who We Are

We create easy-to-deploy autonomous solutions with a single purpose – to reduce your costs and improve your supply chain efficiency.

The cart is the cheapest and fastest way to transfer materials including non-conveyables. Yet, every warehouse or factory we’ve visited, still moves their carts with staff and industrial trucks.

We are creating autonomous robots that offer hassle-free cart pick up and transfers at the performance levels expected in real-world operations. We want you to achieve this by reusing all your existing infrastructure and a reduced time-for-deployment. The only way for a fast return-on-investment (ROI).

We are robotics, AI and computer networking specialists who know how to combine machine and cloud intelligence to help you succeed with autonomous mobile robots.

Starting with your carts.

The Team

Dr. Keshav Chintamani

Client/Investor Relations and Solutions

Keshav is our client/investor relations and solutions lead. He is passionate about creating robotic systems that solve real end-user problems. A philosophy he has maintained across 15 years of initiating, fund-raising and managing robotics projects in European Space Agency, European Commission, Flemish and NASA R&D programs.

Geert Dorme

Machine Design and Manufacturing

Geert is our machine design lead. With over 40 years of building complex industrial machines, his deep mechanical engineering and fabrication expertise results in our ability to deliver robust and cost-effective mechanical systems, which like everything he creates, keeps on going and going and going.

Dr. Elias De Coninck

Sofware Engineering

Elias is our senior robotics and AI engineer who leads software and systems development. With a PhD in AI and software engineering spanning AI, mobile and cloud robotics, he codes and integrates state-of-art software stacks into our AMR and cloud software solutions.

Our Partners


Experience our Journey

We love robotics and we love entrepreneurship. We wanted to share our story with the community so we grabbed an opportunity to do a TedX talk about our journey.

In this talk, Keshav offers tips from lessons he learned while starting Tractonomy –  the challenges of robotics, finding the right customer needs to solve, to financing the first product and finding the right team.

This talk was delivered at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by RWTH Aachen University.

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