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Tractonomy’s Autonomous Towing Robot 2 (ATR2) is the world’s first intelligent, omni-directional tugger. It has an industry-first smart docking system that adapts to a wide variety of warehouse carts. ATR2 can safely tow heavy payloads on carts, even park them where needed.


  • Tow heavy carts, cages or pallets weighting upto 600kg or more.
  • Deploy multiple ATR2s with our fleet management software.
  • Exploit advanced safety and low maintenance.
  • Create simple human-robot collaborations.
  • Enable complex machine-machine interaction.

Innovative Cart Docking Solutions

ATR2 is  an AMR built specifically for handling all sorts of carts. Carts offer unlimited scalability in terms of materials size and weight. A unique cart docking system offers a solution that adapts to a broad range of carts weighing 600kg or more.

Carts with castor wheels and fixed wheels , or even carts with castor-wheels on all corners can be supported. The ATR2 offers two types of cart docking grippers.


  • Grippers that dock with a mechanical hitch on the cart – ideal for internal logistics
  • Bespoke grippers grab the cart without a hitch – ideal for external logistics

How it works

Starting moving your existing carts by adding a simple hitch or no hitch at all. ATRs use smart technology to identify carts and transport them to where you need them. ATRs can be deployed as a single or many robots. ATR solutions work as standalone solutions or integrate with WMS, ERP and in Machine2Machine (M2M) systems.

ATRs dramatically reduce driving and walking time leading to major savings in short periods. They offer a safe alternative to injury-inducing cart or pallet transport work and reduce risk of forklift accidents.

How we support your Intralogistics Operations

We offer complete solutions to move carts with intelligent robots. Automate an entirely manual process or extend a fully automated system with our towing robots.

 Our towing robots adapt to existing carts. Use our pallet carts to rapidly transfer pallets between positions without complexity. Even mix pallets and carts to get a single solution for your entire business. 

We understand your needs

  • Handling mixed materials like pallets, bins, or even packaging waste.
  • Spending valuable labor time walking, pushing or driving.
  • Handling seasonal demands and varying economic conditions.
  • Improving safety and productivity in internal logistics.

Cart automation solutions

cart automation solutions

Carts are popular in a wide range of warehouse applications. Your staff can do better than moving them around when labor resources are a very valuable commodity.

Our towing solutions adapt to existing carts and processes, identifying and safely transporting them, on time, everytime

Pallet automation solutions

pallet automation solutions

Transferring pallets should be simple but with traditional pallet robots, its not. We offer the simplest horizontal pallet transfer solution in the industry.

Our pallet solutions are designed to work with manual and automated fork lifts to enable a range of productivity applications.

Automate your logistics easily and rapidly.

Are you a production or DC operations manager looking to boost predictability and productivity in your operations?


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Discover the 6 different ways we solve logistics challenges

Integrations with ASRS

Integration with Goods-to-Person Systems

Accelerate ROI by using towing robot solutions to feed materials in and out of your autostorage or goods-to-person investment.

Cart Distribution Solution

Kit carts to Production Lines

Increase predictability and decrease cost by automating cart flows between your internal warehouses and assembly lines.

Learn More About Waste Cart Handling

Picking and Putaway with Carts

Dramatically cut walking time in by using robots for case picking or non-conveyable goods picking, kitting,  milk runs and other applications.

Learn more about our Pallet Picking Solutions

Simple Pallet Transfers

Our easy-to-use pallet transfer solutions offer a cost effective way to transfer pallets over short distances or to points-of-use.

Pallet Picking

Pallet Picking

Improve productivity, safety and ROI by combining manual or automated forklifts with ATRs to transport pallets to and from picking warehouses.

Learn More About Waste Cart Handling

Waste container handling

ATRs can manage transportation of waste containers in busy shop floors to disposal areas leaving your staff with time for value-added work.

See how much productivity and savings you gain with Autonomous Towing Robots

We have demonstrated how easy it is for companies, big and small, to benefit from autonomous towing robot solutions. Using simple approaches for maximum success coupled with quick payback periods as low as 1 to 1.5 years - we help you maximize productivity and profit. 

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